Friday, September 9, 2011

All-Star Party


So sorry its been a whole week without posting here! I have been super busy with fun orders AND my own sons party.  Aiden won't officially turn 3 till this Saturday but we had to have the party last saturday to have everyone come who wanted we did then!  His theme was a ball party.  This kid is obsessed with anything ball or sports related! 

We had the party at my grandparents house in our old hometown, its great because its a nice area for everyone to meet at.

Here is one table and the decor
Here is a closeup-
I made all the centerpieces, each pail had different balls.  I made the cubes with pictures of Aiden throughout the year.  The favors for everyone to take home were the popular Cake in a Jars (so yummy!)

Here is a closeup of the napkin rings, each one had a different ball on them!

The banner I created for Aiden

Love this sign that was outside to greet our guests!  I wanted to keep the sign simple so he could reuse it or add it to his room so no age was added, just his name!

(Sign was printed at Vista Print)

I made cupcakes in ball theme in Chocolate and Strawberry.  The balls are:
*Golf Ball (in grass)
*Tennis Ball
*Foot Ball

Here is the other side of the dessert table.  There were party hats and blowers as well has candy in ball shapes!

Here is the cake I made for Aiden.  A French Vanilla White cake that is a 3d soccer ball sitting on grass.  He loved it and wanted to hold it on the way down LOL
(An hour drive...that wasnt going to happen!)

Here is Aiden blowing out the candle, which I had to do THREE times for him LOL.  How cute is he!

We had a fun party and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! 

Did you notice the new makeover this blog got??!  Love it!!!


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