Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Time!

I hope everyone had a wonderful school year with their kiddos.  This is one of my favorite times of the year....Aiden's out of school for the summer!!
Granted I miss the 2 hours of "work time" I was able to get done when he's at preschool but I love having him home and being with him.
Another reason I love this time of year is all the adorable requests I get for teacher gifts and student gifts!
Even my own son is getting into celebrating summer...check out the bubble favors we brought on his last day!

I love these tags!  Whats ever that they are instant downloads!  Which means they are a printable file.  You print as many a you need, sign or have your child write their name and trim with scissors!  No fancy tools or punches needed!
Also a wonderful client, Ashley, who has shopped before with me requested a custom treat bag with an alligator image and make sure it was summery.  Their mascot is an alligator and I just love the way her treat bags turned out!  I am sure Logan had a wonderful time handing them out!

Now for some sad news.........well not really sad but its not permanent.
Our home is almost done being built and I am starting to pack up the entire house...which means my studio.  So I am currently closed and not taking on any orders (unless they are printables) until we are in the new home.
So in the mean time I will be revamping this website, redoing the photos on facebook and working on fresh new ideas.
Have a wonderful summer!